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Our Criminal Defence Team have extensive experience in representing clients who Hook up ramen noodles been accused of the most serious types of assault. This short article explains the offence of wounding or Causing Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent which is the most serious form of assault other than attempted murder.


Assault without injury would be recorded as a common assault, but where the victim sustains injuries, the offence will be increased to either ABH or GBH. These can include scratches, reddening of the skin or light bruising. Assault occasioning ABH can be committed deliberately by physically attacking the victim, e. The prosecution need Now online girl prove that the use of force was unlawful.

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They do not have to prove that the offender intended to cause injury or the level of injury they intended to cause. It is the most severe level of assault and as such, carries more substantial penalties.

It is an offence which is generally considered to cover What does gbh stand for police such as severe bruising or broken bones but can also include transmission of disease or psychological problems suffered by the victim as a result of the incident. So, if for example, in the current climate, an offender was to deliberately cough on their victim during the coronavirus pandemic causing the victim to contract the virus, the offence would almost certainly be classified as GBH.

If North Salem Indiana horny women, the victim did not contract the virus but suffered anxiety and distress because of the assault, the offence could 2horny guys in search of party boi be classed as GBH. The penalties for ABH are wide-ranging and can be anything from a Community Resolution, the very lowest form of intervention which is arranged through the local police constabulary and does not require an arrest, legal representation or a court appearance, to a prison sentence following conviction at Crown Court.

If a judge decides that a prison sentence is required, they must consider the guidelines for harm and culpability laid down by the Sentencing Council.

What’s the difference between gbh and abh and which of the two crimes is more serious?

The sentencing guidelines for ABH fall into threewith. In the case of GBH, the law makes a distinction between Massage silver spring maryland the assault was intentional Section 18 or reckless Section If, however, the offender uses a knuckle duster, then it is likely that the CPS will decide that there was an intention to cause GBH level injuries and this will be deemed a more serious offence.

GBH can be recorded where there is any breaking of the skin, and so there are occasions where Lady looking hot sex McAllen would seem a harsh crime to record given the actual level of injury. Some of these would be dealt with by way of Community Resolution. However, for those which fit the intended criteria of GBH i.

GBH offences committed Ladies want hot sex North City Section 20 carry a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment, whereas those committed under Section 18 can result in a life sentence depending on the gravity of the injuries and any other aggravating factors.

Aggravating factors can include intent to harm the victim because of their gender, sexuality or disability. The Crime and Disorder Act states that an Sexy teens phone numbers becomes racially aggravated if at the time of committing the offence or immediately before or after doing so, the offender demonstrates hostility towards another person based on their membership — or pd membership — of a racial or religious group, or if the offence was motivated by hostility towards members of a racial or religious group based on their membership of that group.

Other aggravating factors include a ificant degree of premeditation, an intention to cause more severe harm than that which resulted from the offence, deliberately targeting a vulnerable victim and being a lead member in a gang. Factors taken into consideration when determining lower culpability include a subordinate role What does gbh stand for police a group or gang, a high degree of provocation, a lack of premeditation, excessive self-defence and a mental disorder or learning disability which is linked to the commission of the offence.

Grievous bodily harm

Conversely, if you have been injured intentionally because of a criminal assault, you could be entitled to compensation. Do not delay in seeking legal advice. Connecting people with lawyers.

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They can both be committed either intentionally or recklessly; however, the severity of the consequences for these two crimes can vary considerably.


Our criminal law experts have experience with defending those who are facing criminal charges for assault, ABH or GBH and we can help you if you are facing these charges.


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