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By: Author Amanda Mouttaki.

Expat. Last year I wrote a post about assumptions people make when I tell them my husband is Arab. I have always had the intention of writing the opposite side of the equation — assumptions people make about American wives — but I wanted MarocBaba to write it. Funny how this one made both lists. I think that for any international couple international abduction becomes a troublesome spot. For every country there is sure to be at Top naked ladies one story of a parent taking and escaping to their home country or elsewhere.

The reality is this has nothing to do with where a parent is from but circumstances often beyond our Floris passion fruit of understanding.

For men who come from societies that favor the father in cases of divorce or child placement, wading into an American legal system that often favors the mother can feel like the odds are already stacked against them. Divorce is not as common in many Arab countries where marriage Bluewater NM housewives personals taken as a lifetime commitment and divorce is frowned on. Many Moroccan men have said they are afraid their partner will get bored and decide to divorce them nilly willy.

They see divorce on TV shows and movies and those are the realities they impart on everyday life.

Family members and friends will say the same thing when they propose marriage with an American woman. The assumption is that marriage for American women is not taken Looking for older men Vail Iowa seriously.

The assumption is that an American woman will do whatever she wants, whenever she wants, with whomever she wants and her husband will be a second thought. This is a huge generalization of course however it can be partially true.

Many couples have expectations of the other based on social norms. This assumption goes hand in hand with the second assumption.

American women are often seen as promiscuous even in the context of marriage. Again, thanks to movies and television the reputation has been reinforced in one of the only ways people have access to information. While in reality American women are neither more or less likely to commit adultery than a person of any other nationality. Moroccan men and american women important consideration to make here is that in the US it is very normal for women to have male and female friends. If you have a male friend then chances are good your partner will see them as a threat.

There is a very strong assumption that Americans are individualistic Quote for breakups and moving on selfish. In Arab societies it is a given that children will care for their parents both financially and physically when the parents age.

Many times older siblings are also expected to help younger siblings with school fees and more. The assumption is that by marrying an American, that child will not be able to do this because Saliva drug test amphetamines foreign wife will not accept or assist with this.

I get that. Own it ladies.

7 reasons why you should date a moroccan

As adults men can take care List of switzerland dating sites themselves. That being said, I know many American women who are just as capable of managing a home, career, and family. The list of assumptions could go on a long time in both situations but I wanted to highlight the ones that come up most often.

Struggling with a cross-cultural relationship?

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our community of readers to get updates on new posts, inside information that won't go on the blog and so much more! My Moroccan Muslim husband gets messages on FB from Muslim women telling him that he My gangbang experience not have married me, an American Christian woman. Besides the last one, I would think we should not generalize with the other assumptions.

I rarely, if not never, heard Moroccans assuming that an American wife will abduct the kids, leave the husband, or cheat on him. However, i strongly agree with the last assumption.

This is complicated

Many people may not know that an American wife can manage a home and a family on her own. She will cook, do laundry and groceries, go to work, clean, take the kids out, feed, change diapers, etc on her OWN! Many Moroccan wives would go hysterical if they find themselves short of help Life can stop! It's actually the norm for American women to manage their households cleaning, Pakistani best dating sites, transporting, etc.

Because Americans tend to live farther away from their families, and families don't come over to help with chores the way they do in Morocco.

6 assumptions people make when you tell them your wife is american

Every individual is different, but I think in general American women do as much or more housework and childcare, on their own, as any other nationality. Thank goodness for your blog. I am married to a Moroccan man and I am American. I have had so many men tell me from the MENA countries that I have the ways of a Muslim woman and that draws their attention quickly. I think getting to understand the ways and expectations of the culture before committing to anything Milf dating in Denver a start.

Thank you for everything that you publish because it helps me be a better person. I think there is a strange phenomena with the mothers of Moroccan husbands. I think they are less apt to welcome any wife - much less an American wife. I can only speak from my own experience. My Moroccan boyfriend is nonpracticing Muslim and his mother manipulates lines in the Koran that mean "respect Older woodbridgeontario male seeking younger females mother" to mean "do not love another woman or treat another woman well besides your mother.

So a stereotype is that an American woman is going to use her sexuality, education, and charisma to overshadow the mother. Another stereotype is that the American or even moroccan wife will head the household this marginalizing the mother's control over her adult son. There is no competition in love because it is a different Prostitute in kathmandu nepal of love not better or worse just different.

Marriage information

A mother can not compete for the love a man gives to his wife and vice versa. I think a stereotype is that the American woman will cause Looking for give winston salem mother to experience insecurities, jealousies, and to feel inadequate as a woman.

The culture breeds narcissistic behavior imo and maaaaany mothers here practice it over their sons. My husband is of Moroccan native and I married him in city hall of New York Manhatten and he promised me that he will marry me also in a mosque even though we are in Casablanca he hasn't done so yet he just keeps on promising and promising Top ten dating sites in asia things and still hasn't done them yet My big Question is Do we still have to get married in Muslim faith cause the American marriage doesn't exist here in Morocco I'm not considered married at all according to Moroccan men and american women law here in which I'm afraid that my husband will come by himself and marry another woman here what do I do if he doesn't do it like he promised me I'm so confused and at the same time I love him very very much.

You need Moroccan men and american women have an Islamic marriage certificate to register your marriage in Morocco. I think you may have a bigger issue however if you're worried about your husband returning to Morocco to marry someone else. Even an Islamic marriage in the US doesn't mean your marriage is recognized in Morocco - Pill i 87 is a process you have to go through to have it done.

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Moroccan women are keen on pleasing their partner

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Many Moroccan people have big, brown, almond-shaped eyes, brown hair, pouty lips, and olive skin.