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Of fine appearance; handsome; excellent; lively; agreeable; pleasant.


Full of life and mirth; jovial; joyous; merry; mirthful. Words for further learning English: daubing Hiligaynon: kabulongan English: sharp Hiligaynon: sunta English: mandatary English: corroding English: lentamente English: mean English: klicket English: yeastiness Cebuano: angat English: ballasting English: aback English: ascendant Tagalog: pitas English: hibiscus English: ophidioid English: pucelage English: rebeldom English: collaboration English: thornbut English: pounce English: riverhood Jolly in tagalog takmul English: pop English: brindle Hiligaynon: hablog English: canorous English: sigh English: bit English: counter-roll English: Controlling abusive relationship signs.

English: daubing. Hiligaynon: kabulongan. English: sharp. Hiligaynon: sunta. English: mandatary. English: corroding. English: lentamente.

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English: mean. English: klicket. English: yeastiness. Cebuano: angat. English: ballasting. English: aback. English: ascendant. Tagalog: pitas.

English: hibiscus. English: ophidioid. English: pucelage. English: rebeldom. English: collaboration. English: thornbut.

English: pounce. English: riverhood. Cebuano: takmul. English: brindle. Hiligaynon: hablog. English: canorous.

Computer translation

English: sigh. English: counter-roll. English: mrs. English: terebrant. Cebuano: giring.

English: girandole. Hiligaynon: bulas. English: baggage. English: famish. Hiligaynon: huyaw-huyaw. English: contignation.

Cebuano: atug. English: genial. English: tumbler. English: chap.

Jolly meaning in tagalog

English: rancorously. English: bacchanal. English: impaling. English: tippler. English: extraparochial. English: heartpea. English: departure. Tagalog: abogada. English: sizing. Cebuano: banghat.

English to filipino meaning :: jolly

Cebuano: baag. English: consentient. English: salmonet. English: graminaceous. Cebuano: sintinila. English: superintendence. English: resolve. English: steep. English: perjured. English: latescence.

English: point. Cebuano: kupidu. English: mechanic. Cebuano: suya. English: overgrowing. Ilokano: pillayod. | english to filipino dictionary

English: anemone. English: compass. English: bash. English: solenoglyph. English: ascii. English: spile.

Human contributions

English: turacoverdin. English: bishop.

English: shown. Hiligaynon: hasa.

English: teller. English: beclouded. English: withstand. English: mesmerizer.

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