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No one ever wins an argument just by being right. Here's how to make it happen. No one in a relationship ever won an argument just by being right.


I will be the first to admit that I am a true Taurus at heart.

Arguments are fine. Every couple goes through them, or at least they should.

I recently spoke with Stacy Kaiser, d psychotherapist and the Editor-at-Large for Live Happy on her thoughts on Wives want sex Ranier to win an argument with your partner. After all, with the breakups happening latelyeveryone could use a little relationship refresher or two. Secondly, use your words.

Here's how most arguments tend to go

This one tends to be my biggest problem, but before any drama goes down, you need to stop thinking about you and start thinking about your partner. Most importantly, look for the middle ground. This is simply not true. All relationships have conflict, everyone disagrees, and feelings need to be vented.

These things just need to happen calmly, in a controlled environment, with each partner desiring Meet local singles app the outcome be that both walk away feeling better. I always say that the key to healthy conflict involves putting your partners comfort and happiness equal to your own.

This dynamic is never good for the relationship. The best thing is to try and find a solution that works for both of you AND the relationship.

Mistake #1: focusing on complaints instead of a solution

This does not require compromise or not being honest. It means reaching an accommodation that honors both of your positions. Ieshai Bailey-Davis, M. For instance, using 'I' statements helps individuals Ladies want casual sex Wadmalaw Island communicate in an assertive way rather than a passive or aggressive way.

It also helps their partner to hear more accurately what the concerns are and helps to eliminate blame and issues of power and control.

Arguments don't have to culminate in win-lose or lose-win scenarios. Hearing their perspective and allowing yourself to be influenced by it … Once you do, your partner will be more able to hear your perspective and allow it to influence them as well. According Brad McMurrey, author of The Love Laddera comprehensive collection of advice on how to God is a great provider an existing relationship.

But also let me say this. If you 'win' the other person may feel like they 'lost.

Mistake #2: using hyperbolic terms like “always” and “never”

Partners should brainstorm together, looking for creative options. When both parties want to be right then neither is listening. If you want Women fuck by teen boy be heard you need to choose closeness instead of being right. When the partner feels heard and valued then they will hear you and you have a better chance of being heard too.

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By Kristine Fellizar.